Card Rules

1. The Vancouver Gourmet Card is a personal card1 that allows the cardholder, alone or together with other guest(s), to receive offers or discounts in all featured restaurants.

2. Special offers and discounts vary at different restaurants.

3. The reservation of the table is mandatory, it shall always be made as “Vancouver Gourmet Club Member”.

4. The Vancouver Gourmet Card must always be presented while asking for the bill.  Only one bill is issued per table, but the guests at the table may request to pay separately.

6. The Vancouver Gourmet Card is valid on the days of the week and times of the day stated on the club’s website2 and the card can be used as many times as desired before its expiry date . 

1) The card must not be provided to third parties and can be retired if misused.
2) The card is not valid on statutory holidays. The discount may also not be combined with other discounts and special promotions (e.g. lunch menu with a fixed price)