Ramen Taka 

Hideki Sasaki’s passion for ramen began as a child when his mother ran a small restaurant in the small town of Takasu, Hokkaido – a neighboring city of Asahikawa, and it continues to this day at his Ramen Taka. 

The soup condenses the “UMAMI” which consists of a blend of pork bones, vegetables, seafood, simmering for many hours. Close attention is paid to strain the excess fat and achieve a condensed broth that forms the gelatine from the collagen, which only the pure broth could. Hideki’s ramen also features roasted flavoured Hokkaido lard which shields the soup from cooling down too quickly, so the soup will remain hot until you finish it, and Asahikawa noodle, which is made without eggs and a minumum use of water to achieve the best complement to the broth. 

Come celebrate Ramen Taka’s international debut in Vancouver after their 5 successful locations in Japan, and enjoy a taste of the authentic Asahiwakwa Hokkaido ramen. 

841 Bidwell St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2J7
(604) 620-3371 or takanotsu.me

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Ramen Taka

Celebrating of the Grand Opening, Ramen Taka offers “Happy Hour” till the end of May.

“2-for-1 Ramen”
2 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (except stat holidays)

20% off on all side dishes and alcohol beverages
2 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

When weather gets nice, there is nothing better than having a glass of Sapporo beer with Zangi Chicken & Gyoza