Beijiang Restaurant 

opened its doors in the heart of Richmond in 2009. It is the first Halal restaurant in Greater Vancouver, specializing a variety of meat dishes including lamb, beef, chicken and seafood,  prepared in traditional Uyghur style. The specialties include Dapanji (Xinjian stewed chicken) and Cumin Lamb. The use of carefully selected ingredients and the unique flavours have attract many foodies. 

8111 Leslie Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1E4  
(778) 297-4988 or

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 Half Price Special  (Monday to Friday)
Spend $50 (before tax) at lunch or $80 (before tax) at dinner, and enjoy the the signature dishes for half price. 
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** The Half Price Special and the VGC member offers can’t be used at the same time.