Liuyishou Hotpot


Chinese hotpot has become immensely popular around the world given its interactive nature. Carefully selected ingredients, such  as premium marbled beef, wild mushrooms, seasonal greens, and other specialty foods, are

cooked at your own table in broth to the perfect temperature. 

What separates Liuyishou from its competitors is its fashionably healthy image with outstanding quality and a blast of true Chinese flavour.

Already known as the best hotpot restaurant among spice lovers with its signature Chongqing traditional “mala” hotpot, Liuyishou is determined to bring more authentic flavours from China to all its locations in the world. New broth flavours include the full-flavored pickled cabbage & fish broth, the garden-fresh tomato broth, the earthy wild mushroom broth, and the comforting coconut & chicken broth.

Besides the quality and authenticity of food and products, Liuyishou’s latest brand refresh also brings modern
touches to service and the dining environment, providing the best hotpot experience to customers.

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Founded in 2000, Liuyishou Hotpot has grown from a single location on a small street in Chongqing, China to over 1,200 locations in China, Canada, U.S., Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, France, and Spain, and become one of the biggest hotpot chains in the world. Currently, there are 13 Liuyishou restaurants in North America, located in Metro Vancouver (Richmond, Burnaby, Downtown Vancouver), Toronto (Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Downtown), Edmonton, Ottawa, New York (Flushing), San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo), Princeton, Boston, and Seattle, with 3 more in Chicago, Cupertino, and Montreal in development.

Liuyishou's Locations in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver, BC
1542 Robson St, Vancouver,
BC V6G 1C2 Canada

+1 (778) 379-3977
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Richmond, BC
150-4731 Garden City Road,
Richmond, BC V6X 3M7 Canada

+1 (604) 285-6122
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Burnaby, BC
5507 Kingsway, Burnaby,
BC V5H 2G3 Canada

+1 (604) 559-9888
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